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Gramm and Wallison: Worse Than Fannie and Freddie

A bipartisan Senate housing reform would double down on the mistakes that led to the financial crisis By Phil Gramm and Peter Wallison In this era of partisan gridlock, any legislative proposal with significant bipartisan sponsorship should be praised and supported if it simply does not produce a policy worse...
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Phil Gramm and Thomas R. Saving-Janet Yellen’s Greatest Challenge

Every month that the Fed’s quantitative easing goes on, the exit strategy becomes more difficult and dangerous. By PHIL GRAMM and THOMAS R. SAVING With the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday approving Janet Yellen’s nomination to lead the Federal Reserve, her confirmation is virtually assured. Less certain is what Ms. Yellen ultimately intends to...
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Phil Gramm: Deregulation and the Financial Panic

Loose money and politicized mortgages are the real villains. February 20, 2009 The debate about the cause of the current crisis in our financial markets is important because the reforms implemented by Congress will be profoundly affected by what people believe caused the crisis. If the cause was an unsustainable...
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