About US Policy Metrics

US Policy Metrics is an economic and public policy research firm serving asset managers, hedge funds and the investor community. We provide independent, strategic analysis of how current and proposed legislation and regulations affect the economy, industries and individual firms. Our senior partners, with half a century of top level experience in American government and two decades on Wall Street, are uniquely qualified to support our clients’ decision-making process.

We work with our clients to provide a customized insight into how government actions can impact their planning and strategy. Our services include ongoing monitoring of major issues and ad hoc, one-on-one discussions regarding specific items of interest. We pride ourselves on quick responses and understand that a good analysis today is often better than a great analysis next week.

Our research does not rely on personal interaction with government officials, but on a thorough review of the public record, ongoing discussion with fellow experts who, like us, pay close attention to the public debate over key issues and our own analysis of the likelihood of potential outcomes. It is our experience that innovative, forward-looking strategic thinking and planning, based on focused research and analysis, produce superior results as compared to relying on information supplied by the rumor mill, which too often is self-interested, inaccurate and sometimes ethically questionable.

Like a good pilot on the Mississippi River, we know the currents, we know what the river bottom looks like and we know how the big flood affects the small stream. Our deep knowledge of economics, government and the forces that shape decision-making in Washington allows us to identify the hidden obstacles and opportunities that others miss.

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